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TdZ Clan Rules & Expectations Empty TdZ Clan Rules & Expectations

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:30 pm
TdZ Clan Rules & Expectations

Follow this rules and you'll have no issues with us.

  • Show some maturity & respect toward others & us. We don't want to confront anyone complaining about our immaturity & rude behavior.
  • Any clan member caught without our clan tag will result a consequence vary the co-leaders/managers.
  • It's necessary that you train daily on your favorite server to keep up with our skill level.
  • It's disgraceful for a clan member, being punished in other servers, that will make us look like a fool. Please treat others kindly and follow their rules in any circumstance.
  • Any member caught with a third-party program that gives you an advantage in combat will result a discussion with the superiors regarding your resignation of the clan.
  • You're not allowed to use a different nickname without making any sort of nickname transfer or awareness to your co-leaders/managers.
  • You MUST respect our allies (which will be listed in a topic on the member section board), no matter what are the circumstances. If they're killing you constantly, notify your co-leader to help you discuss with the other clan. Evidence is mandatory.
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