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Forum Rules [Updated 8/28]

on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:57 am
Try to keep your topic/reply family friendly - No sexual content or anything else not suited for people below the age of 18.

No hateful speaches against another user, religion, culture or anything in that matter. Due to the limited time and the fact that people will try to report other users because they don't get along with each other, DarkRazor/Death_Spirit will decide if the posts by the player meets this criteria.

Do not spam. Spam under our definitions is one of the following:

- Double posting: Don't double-post (two or more post in the same topic by the same person back to back). If you already sent your post and want to add something to it just edit your previous post.

- Bumping old topics: Don't bump old topics unless you got something that is worthy to add to the discussion. "Haha" and "Nice topic" or whatever is not considered something meaningful.

- Replying with the same messages or weird messages: Don't reply with the same messages to a topic or with messages that doesn't make sense to be a reply to a topic. Always change your messages a little. If you want to reply to every admin application saying: Good luck, you may do so, but try to not look like a spam bot by not saying your message a little.

- Replying to a lot of topics: Don't reply to more topics than 5-10 at once. You don't need to spam the Latest topic list, you can accidently bump down a really important topic from the latest topic list and cause people to miss out on the information.
English is our main language, if you decide to make a topic in another language be sure to explain to the English user what your topic is about and if you see a topic like this that lacks an English translation, please be sure to translate it so everyone else can understand.

Breaking any of these rules will result in the deleting of posts, verbal warnings and if necessary forum bans. Forum bans can only be handed out by DarkRazor/Death_Spirit and he is not going to be looking for rule breakers you must contact him through a PM to report rule breakers.

Other good advises

Respect everyone else. Treat others like you would want to be treated yourself.

Use a topic title that shortly explains what your topic is about. (Wrong: "How cool is that" | Right: "Need Help with superman hacks". In the general section, I guess it doesn't matter that much)

Don't use colors in your topic names please (besides in the General Discussion Area). This feature is only allowed for admins or in the General Discussion forum. Using colors on other topics is considering annoying to the moderators, so please don't do that.

Replying to administrative topics. Try to not reply to administrative topics. We don't have the man power and time to prevent admin applications and report from being filled with spam. Be a good user and only reply to those topics once to either wish good luck or some opinions on the matter.
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Re: Forum Rules [Updated 8/28]

on Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:46 pm
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